Valp E-kullen

Föräldrar Mormor och morfar Mormors mor och mormors far Mormors mormor och mormors morfar
  • Applegrove Take A Look At Me Now
  • S60170/2007
Grove Creek's Xtreme Quick Blow
  • Fin33860/05
Vicary's USdollar
Tactic's Most Happy Fellow
LU CH NL CH Vicary's Peachy
Chic Choix Dame Donnybrook
Quailmoor Indian Warrier
Meadowlark's Miks Chic Choux
Fairhaven Brown Eyed Girl
  • S31911/2002
Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale
Goldings Jeroboam
Temptress Of The Golden Vale
Crazy's Beauty
Gaerlic Boogie Woogie At Dubliner
Crazy's Ring The Bell
  • Rödkrokens Double Passion
  • S24233/2008
Dragonfire's Mel Gibson
  • S49038/2003
Bright Soul's Double-Trouble
Thendara Derek
Bright Soul's Believe-In-Me
Copper's Wild Honey
Balintyne's Wild About Harry
Copper's My Wild Irish Rose
Rödkrokens A Touch Of Taste
  • S10790/2003
Dark Aubuern's Deep In My Heart
Dubliner Another Way To Your Heart
Tactic's Misty Morning
Eel Garden's For A Passion
Fearnley Fire Monarch
Eel Garden's Pearls Of Passion